Caravan and motorhome sleeping bags

Caravan and motorhome sleeping bags

Caravan and motorhome sleeping bags

We are very excited to be able to stock the legendary Duvalay range of sleeping bags that were made famous on Dragons Den.

Our customers have provided excellent reviews and say that they are well worth investing in, as they offer the ultimate in comfort to ensure you have the best night's sleep whilst you are away from home.

Our customers love the unique features that these sleeping bags provide; they have a memory foam base and are open at one side to allow freedom of movement. Also, a single sleeping bag can easily be made into a double, laid side by side. At the end of your trip, the cover can be unzipped and washed as a sheet. The sleeping bags come in two styles; compact, which is ideal for camping in restricted spaces ie, smaller camper vans and comfort, which provides a thicker memory foam base.

When you invest in a Duvalay we are sure that you will agree that they make the ideal camping addition as they provide comfort to soften and even out bumps on harder sleeping surfaces and also roll up compactly to keep storage space to the bare minimum. 


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