Caravan owners may see their trailer 'snake' or 'sway' on journeys due to simple mistakes!

Caravan owners may see their trailer 'snake' or 'sway' on journeys due to simple mistakes!

CARAVAN owners who do not fit the right towbar may find their vehicle "snakes" or "sways" on summer trips.

Fitting the incorrect towbar could “bypass” a range of safety features which could make travelling with caravans “especially dangerous”. Experts warn new caravan owners may not understand the consequences of buying the wrong towbar and wiring kit and may suffer problems.

Witter Towbars said a correctly fitted tow bar was important as this can integrate with your car’s technology.

A vehicle-specific wiring kit is made to fit a specific make and model and is recommended for the best use.

But new drivers may pick up a universal wiring kit that can be installed on any vehicle.

However, this cannot be programmed to integrate with your vehicle’s electronics which could cause some hassle.

With so many towbars on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. Witter's website is as good a place as anywhere. You can just enter your car registration number and see what Witter has to offer.

If you don't know what you want, there are several other manufacturers to check out (see below), or you could go to an independent specialist such as PF Jones. They stock some 10,000 towbars of different makes and have vast experience in the field. In common with many other suppliers, they will arrange for a towbar to be fitted at your home or place of work.

Towbar manufacturers

  • Bosal Group
  • Brink Group
  • PCT Automotive
  • Tow-Trust
  • Watling Engineers
  • Westfalia Automotive
  • Witter Towbar

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