Get your caravan set for summer ☀️☀️

Get your caravan set for summer ☀️☀️

One of the great feelings is when the end of winter is in sight and you can almost taste spring; the days are getting longer, spring bulbs are starting to appear and those wood fires you could smell all over winter are beginning to be replaced by the occasional scent of blossom.

And one of the biggest pleasures is retrieving the caravan from wherever it has been stored through the winter months (assuming you haven’t carried on using it, of course), and preparing it ready for the start of the touring season.

There are several key tasks that need to be looked at before you can hitch up and head off and these are what we reckon to be the most important to get your caravan ready for the road.

✅ Get your caravan serviced
✅ Reinstate your caravan’s leisure battery
✅ Flush and sterilise your water system
✅ Check/refill gas bottles
✅ Check the toilet operation
✅ Test/run the heating
✅ Check for leaks and damp
✅ Give your caravan a spring clean
Stock the caravan up

Once you’re satisfied that everything is ready, it’s the best bit – stocking the caravan up ready to go away.

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