Remis Remitop Vario 2, 900x600 Replacement

Remis Remitop Vario 2, 900x600 Replacement

It was an absolute pleasure dropping off John Allen's Remis Remitop Vario 2 rooflight, we got chatting about his experience traveling around Europe, i think he lost count how many times he and his wife had traveled to Spain, and let's face it what a way to travel, its one gorgeous motorhome. 

He mentioned that in his opinion the Cathogos build quality is one of the best in the industry, over the years of owning the Carthogo Hes replaced a couple of windows, done few small jobs here and there, so it came as no surprise that he is taking on the job of replacing the Remis Rooflight. 

Once again, we proudly want to thank you for your contribution, your time, and your trust in our store.

Just Caravan Parts Team


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Is this item still available?

Paul Lambert

what a fantastic service from just caravan parts , would certainly use again .

john allen

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