Thieves now target caravans as much as supercars!

Thieves now target caravans as much as supercars!

Top-of-the-range caravans, motorhomes and campervans are now being targeted by thieves as much as high-end luxury cars.
Caravanners are being warned to adopt extra security measures to ensure they don’t become the victim of crime and see their staycation plans ruined.
Identity markings are easily removed from caravans, which means the majority of those that are taken are never recovered.
Vehicles with a tracking device fitted have a 95 per cent recovery rate and they’re often a requirement of many insurance companies.
“Recent research discovered that just 13 per cent of motorhomes and six per cent of campervans have trackers installed, whilst 54 per cent and 45 per cent of these vehicles respectively don’t have alarms.”
There are two main types of tracker available – those that are hard-wired into leisure vehicle’s electrics and battery-operated options that can be hidden in unexpected places so thieves can’t find them.
As well as using a tracker, caravanners can increase their chances of having a stolen vehicle returned to them by having the VIN (vehicle identification number) etched on all the windows and keeping a record of the Central Registration & Identification Scheme (CRiS) number.


Ways to keep your caravan, motorhome or campervan safe from thieves include:


Installing a tracker
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Fitting an alarm system
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Investing in CCTV on your driveway
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Installing security lighting
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Purchase a wheel lock
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Buy a hitch lock
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