Top 5 coolest lightweight caravans for sale

Top 5 coolest lightweight caravans for sale

Top 5 coolest lightweight caravans for sale

Caravans often get a bad rep, but there really is something for everyone, and having a caravan can be so enjoyable. Here are some of the coolest lightweight caravans for sale...

Go Barefoot with one of the coolest caravans
One of the tidiest little tourers available, the Barefoot caravan has somehow been able to make an egg on wheels look beautiful, with a lick of luxury throughout. In a world of lightweight everything when it comes to caravan towing, you may be surprised to find solid oak kitchen tops complementing the two-ring gas hob among the plentiful features here.

Swift Basecamp caravan
Swift's crossover caravan is looking to put an end to caravans being seen as white boxes taking up the space on winding country roads. Aesthetically-speaking, excitement comes in the way of graphics packs that will suit any style. On the inside a panoramic window provides the views, while clever storage, anchor points and every contemporary comfort prepare you for your big adventure any day.

Go Pod caravan!
The diminutive dimensions of the Go Pod campers are anything but delicate. It's amazing the difference that the pop top makes compared with traditional teardrop caravans, but it's the king sized bed conversion that makes for real luxury in such a small package.
Billed as “a stylish and innovative folding camper”, the OPUS does exactly what it says on the tin. Despite being satisfyingly tidy on tow, you're not going to get many heads turning while on the road (good thing for driver safety), but on-site is where the real fun begins.

Knaus Sport & Fun
This is a cool caravan. It feels different. It's begging to have active holiday makers towing it to somewhere it can sit on a site while they're out taking on the world. In addition to the adventure practically alone (think surfboard storage, perhaps), the large rear door is also perfect on a sunny day to keep open for easy access to kitchen and a barbecue.

Made up your mind on which is the coolest camper out of all?

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