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Remis Rooflights & Window Blinds

Remis Remitop Vario 2, 900x600

Remis Remitop Vario 2, 900x600

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The "Best Buy" Rooflight system boasts high-quality materials and workmanship, attractive design and proven functionality. Awarded the lightest rooflight in its class. Tinted dome. For roof thicknesses of 24 - 35mm. Large opening angle up to 60° openable. Simple and safe operation by the smooth-crank handle or latch stand. Flat structure, streamlined, and noise dampening. Integrated Black Out Blind & Insect Protection System.


Here are the most important properties at a glance:

• For roof thicknesses of 24 - 55 mm
• Integrated blackout and insect screen
• With forced ventilation (cannot be closed)
• Quietest roof hood in its class
• Tinted insulating panes
• Large opening angle of up to 60° (600 x 900 mm up to 45°)
• Simple and safe operation
• Streamlined construction


Optional: Fixing kit for roof thicknesses  10040515



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