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Reich Weight Control Portable Vehicle Scales 1500kg per wheel Heavy Motorhomes

Reich Weight Control Portable Vehicle Scales 1500kg per wheel Heavy Motorhomes

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SKU: 522-1600

Reich Caravan Check weight 1500kg

Technical details:

  • Max. load per wheel: 1500 kg
  • Max. load jockey wheel: 100kg
  • Tolerance: + or - 3%
  • Temperature tolerance range: 0 to 50%C
  • Batteries: 3 x 1.5V Alkaline type AAA - not rechargeable (not supplied)
  • Weight: approx. 1 kg
  • Dimensions: 360x70x45 mm
  • It works reliably and precisely and is suitable for cars, vans, motorhomes, caravans, and trailers.

This version of the Reich Caravan Weight Control will weigh up to 1500 kg per wheel, compared to 1000kg with the standard model. It is coloured orange instead of yellow to distinguish it from the standard version.

The functions are otherwise the same as the standard version - you can read a full description below.

Both models will weigh trailers and caravans (single or double-axle) and motorhomes, with high accuracy.

Weigh your motorhome and stay safe and legal.

It is very easy to overload your vehicle without realising it - and put your safety at serious risk while also making you liable to prosecution.

An overloaded vehicle will have impaired handling and will impose great strain on tyres, with an increased risk of a dangerous blowout.

Motorhome payloads are always being squeezed: built-in equipment already accounts for much of the base vehicle's carrying capacity. Add driver and fuel and what's left is your payload - and this can be surprisingly small. A moderate amount of gear, a travelling companion or two and clothing, food and water can easily take up most of this payload but it is easy to forget this vital factor when you are tempted to throw in a few extras - generator, bicycles ....

And of course, you might have already eaten up a good part of your payload by adding permanent extras like solar panels, satellite domes, racks and other items.

The Reich Caravan-Weight-Control is your very own 'weigh-bridge' - and you can take it with you and make sure that you stay safe if you tend to add more and more to your load as your holiday progresses. As well as being safer, you save the inconvenience of having to find a weigh-bridge and drive there, as well as the cost which could mount up if you are diligent (as you should be) about keeping within your vehicle's legal weights.

Your motorhome will carry a plate showing its maximum legal overall travelling weight plus the maximum weight which can be born by the front axle and by the rear axle. The Caravan-Weight-Control allows you to measure all of these with great accuracy.

Using the CWC is very simple. Switch on the scale and with the menu button choose the right programme: vehicle (motorhome) or caravan/trailer (one axle or tandem axle). The display shows symbols for the chosen vehicle type. Then simply place the unit at a right angle in front of or behind the wheel indicated on the display and drive over the scale as slowly as possible. You can then read the wheel load of the wheel in question. By pressing the menu button, the next wheel is indicated. After repeating the procedure for each wheel you know the single wheel loads; then press the 'Total' button and the total weight of the vehicle will be indicated.

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