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Truma Powrtouch Freedom Motor Mover

Truma Powrtouch Freedom Motor Mover

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Product Features:

○ Outstanding value
○ Manoeuvre caravans up to 1500kg
○ Lightweight and Powerful
○ Manufactured in the UK
○ 5 years guarantee

Powrtouch Freedom Motor Mover

The original caravan motor mover. Now evolved! Redesigned to have simplicity at its core, with millimetre precision control and fluid movement control it allows you complete freedom to change direction without stopping. Designed and developed exclusively in the UK whilst taking advantage of lightweight alloy materials means a reliable and outstanding value motor mover.

The Powrtouch Freedom has a slimline gearbox which means even with caravan shock absorbers, it will fit almost any caravan up to 1500kg. When fitting the motor mover there are extensive manufacturer instructions and there's no need for any welding or drilling, meaning it's super easy to install.

Technical Specifications:

Operating Voltage 12 Volt DC
Max Current Consumption 80 A
Speed 25 cm/s
Weight approx. 35kg
Maximum Overall weight 2,500kg
POW 15% gradient 1,550kg
POW 20% gradient 1,525kg
POW on 25% Gradient 1,500kg
Guarantee 5yrs


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