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Truma Powrtouch Evolution Twin Axle Motor Mover (Auto)

Truma Powrtouch Evolution Twin Axle Motor Mover (Auto)

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Product Features:

○ For twin axle caravans
○ Manoeuvre caravans up to 2000kg
○ High Performance, High Precision
○ Turn the caravan on its axis
○ 5 years guarantee

Powrtouch Evolution Twin Axle Motor Mover (Auto)

Introducing the next generation in caravan motor moving, the Powrtouch Evolution Twin Axle (Automatic Engage) features the latest developments in innovation from Powrtouch at great value perfect for twin axle caravans.

The Evolution Automatic electronic rollers are engaged with the touch of a button with a powerful 4-pole motor and efficient drive train. All movements are controlled by a remote handset supplied with the twin axle movers. By using the simple remote, you effortlessly move your caravan in any way you need it, even on its own axis. The caravan tyres are driven by lightweight aluminium rollers with a 70mm diameter to provide superior grip and durability.

Fitting the Powrtouch Evolution to the caravan is simple and does not require any welding or drilling of the chassis. With full instructions on how to fit the motor movers included.

The soft-start feature allows the caravan to be manoeuvred accurately before full speed is achieved. Braking is fully automatic and occurs immediately after the finger is removed from the selected button.

The Powrtouch Evolution Twin Axle also features the FM Electronics System which has variable speed control. This allows the motor mover to be driven at 100% speed, 75%, 50% or 25% - which is perfect for when you need precise manoeuvring of your caravan.

Technical Specifications:

Operating Voltage 12 Volt DC
Max Current Consumption 80 A
Speed 28 cm/s
Weight approx. 35kg
Maximum Overall weight 2,000kg
Guarantee 5yrs

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