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WHALE V Pump Mk5

WHALE V Pump Mk5

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SKU: AK0618

WHALE Service Kit for Whale V Pumps MK5 and MK6 including the most commong serviceable parts. Use this service kit when your V-Pump started to leak, is slow to prime or the pump failed to work. Whale V Pump Mk5 and Mk6 Service Kit Includes: 1 x Mk5 Handle Buffer. 1 x Mk6 Buffer. 1 x Cup packing. 1 x Valve. 1 x Valve Stem. 1 x Plunger Cup Seat (""O"" ring). 1 x U Gland Packing. 1 x Base""O"" Ring. 1 x Head ""O"" Ring" 

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